Accessibility Declaration

We make every effort to make the information on our website accessible to everyone. This includes people with disabilities (people with a visual impairment, hearing impaired people, etc.). 
That is why we have drawn up an accessibility declaration in accordance with the law of 19 July 2018 on accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public authorities.


Our website is not fully compliant with the W3C-criteria.

Non accessible content

Our content is not yet fully accessible.
Informative pages
By 23 September 2021 at the latest, we will make the latest adjustments for the accessibility of:
  • simple tables and some complex tables;
  • videos without transcription.
Our PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents do not meet the accessibility standards. By 23 September at the latest, we will establish the conformity criteria for new documents (except Excel).
The applications of our website do not yet have their own accessibility declaration. We are currently working on accessible versions of them.

Preparation of our accessibility declaration

We have prepared our accessibility declaration using the following methods:
  • The enterprise Anysurfer has carried out an audit of our website;
  • A critical analysis was carried out on the basis of the W3C criteria.
Our accessibility declaration was last updated on 4 September 2020.

Enforcement procedure

Did you not get an answer from the NIHDI, or are you not satisfied with the answer you received? Please contact the Federal Ombudsman:


Dernière mise à jour 28 avril 2021